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Conquering a new market through PR

In 2022, Greenly made a significant entry into the US and UK markets. While sales and marketing were crucial, the team recognized the power of PR in successfully launching the brand. With pressing issues like sustainability, greenwashing, and scope 3 emissions on society’s mind, Greenly took a proactive approach to collaborate with journalists, aiming to drive real impact on the climate and contribute to positive change.

Beginning their partnership with Kalamari in February 2023, Greenly embarked on a joint mission in both the US and UK. The core strategy revolves around a vertical/trade approach, fostering brand reassurance and solidifying Greenly’s position as a trusted and influential player in the sustainability space.

By leveraging PR as a powerful tool for education, advocacy, and change, Greenly and Kalamari are set to leave a lasting impact on the climate agenda, inspiring others to join the movement toward a greener, more sustainable future.

What we do... concretely!

In the realm of high-impact PR initiatives, our dedicated team of 3 professionals excels in a range of strategic efforts:

  • News Jacking: Our primary source for securing interviews and corporate announcements to keep your brand in the media spotlight.
  • Creative Campaigns: Crafting innovative campaigns like the Amazon Prime Day carbon footprint to draw attention to your brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Byline Campaigns:Partner with trade publications to publish engaging content that elevates your brand as a thought leader.
  • Trade Show Engagement: Identify and maximize opportunities at trade shows, securing valuable media coverage to reach your target audience.
  • Awards Recognition: Strategically identify relevant awards to showcase your brand’s achievements, building credibility and reputation.

With a tailored mix of these specialized strategies, we create a robust PR approach that elevates Greenly’s brand awareness and helps them stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.