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From building awareness to strong corporate communication

Kalamari’s journey with Github began in 2018, navigating diverse phases from launching the brand in the French market to becoming a valuable asset within Microsoft’s acquisition. Throughout this transformative process, we’ve witnessed a remarkable shift in media interest, transitioning from tech-focused coverage to a prominent position in the business media sphere.

Over the past year, our team has successfully steered Github’s narrative to encompass the profound influence of AI and open source on global society. This evolution has propelled Github into the forefront of business conversations, cementing its status as an influential player in the market.

With strategic foresight and relentless dedication, Kalamari has elevated Github’s reputation and positioned it as a compelling force in both the tech and business realms. Our journey continues, and we remain committed to shaping Github’s impactful narrative for years to come.

What we do... concretely!

A dedicated team of 3 professionals works tirelessly to manage interviews, product launches, and serve as the client’s eyes on the ever-changing trends and news in the French market. Our team ensures that your brand remains at the forefront of media attention with a daily press bureau while proactively developing impactful campaigns tailored specifically to the French market.

PR Tools Developed:

  • By-line articles
  • Comprehensive interview preparation and briefing documents
  • Efficient embargo management
  • Specialized media training for spokespeople
  • Skillful coordination of international press trips