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Pioneering Market Leadership: Where PR Flows in Our Veins

In 2015, Ekwateur entered the French market with a visionary approach that emphasized the importance of PR even before the product launch. Building solid relationships with the press and journalists became a core strategy from day one, solidifying their position as an industry reference and expert. Fearlessly asking important questions and taking strong stances further propelled their success.

Thanks to the founder’s foresight, Ekwateur is now the undisputed leader in France’s alternative energy provider landscape. The impact of their PR campaigns reached new heights in January 2023, when they orchestrated a compelling influence campaign that led the government to change its stance on electricity prices.

With PR in their DNA, Ekwateur continues to rewrite the rules, reshape the industry, and inspire others to follow their lead. Their journey demonstrates the transformative power of strategic PR, a driving force behind their rise to market leadership.

What we do... concretely!

Our dedicated team of 4 professionals works tirelessly to deliver high-impact PR initiatives that redefine success for Ekwateur.

Our strategic efforts include:

  • News Jacking: Securing interviews and corporate announcements that keep Ekwateur in the media spotlight
  • Byline Campaigns: Forging partnerships with trade publications that elevate Ekwateur as an industry thought leader.
  • Building Journalist Preference:Cultivating strong relationships with journalists, making Ekwateur the go-to expert in the market for insightful inquiries.