US – Senior Account Executive

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1 Day per week

Min. 5 years


Are you an ambitious professional, brimming with creativity and ready to make your mark in the world of PR? We have an incredible opportunity tailored just for you!

Kalamari is an international agency specializing in press and public relations. Their goal is to make their clients memorable within their industry and market, thereby assisting them in supporting their growth and influence.

Kalamari delivers impactful results and nurtures reputations over the long term through a team of experts:

  • Overflowing with ideas and energy to conduct powerful and bold campaigns.
  • Dedicated to achieving results and understanding their impact.
  • With a desire to share an exceptional experience with clients and journalists.

Today, Kalamari boasts more than 40 clients in the field of innovation and over 30 team members spread across Europe and the United States.

What we aim for: to contribute to the world’s evolution and have a positive impact on it.

We believe that technology, ideas, and individuals can build a better world and society.

We believe in the power of communities.

We believe in voices that can rally crowds and drive progress.

That’s why we train and encourage the leaders of today’s economy—those who want to lead the necessary changes in our society.

Ready to embark on a thrilling journey with a team that pushes boundaries and creates lasting impacts?



With at least 5 years of experience, you will become the cornerstone of our clients’ strategy and campaign implementation, ensuring their brilliant execution:

  • Proactively manage a diverse portfolio of clients. 🌟
  • Write compelling PR content that engages and inspires. ✍️
  • Build valuable relationships between journalists and your clients. 🤝
  • Increasing your clients’ presence in the press (online, print, TV, radio) – we want to see them everywhere, making waves in their industries. 📰📺📻
  • Organize innovative events and client-journalist meetings that leave a lasting impression. 🎉
  • Working closely with a dedicated team, fostering a positive and motivating dynamic. 👥

Reporting directly to the agency’s CEO (who is based in Boston), you’ll manage a wonderful media specialist who is eager to learn all about PR. 🌐

Job profile


🌟 Leadership: With your exceptional leadership qualities, you guide teams with expertise, fostering growth, innovation, and outstanding performance.

🧠 Strategic Savvy: Your profound understanding of the media landscape empowers you to craft impactful strategies, turning challenges into opportunities.

🔗 Media Network Virtuoso: Your extensive network of journalist contacts is a testament to your industry acumen, enabling you to secure media placements swiftly and effectively.

📰 Media Placement Prodigy: With a track record of securing timely, high-profile articles, you know exactly how to get your clients noticed in the right places.